The #1 Secret to a Non-Boring Website

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Boring? Who, you? No, not YOUR website. Not after all the time you’ve spent on it, right?

You know what the funny thing about being boring is? Most people who are boring are completely unaware of it. They don’t mean to be boring, of course; it’s just that they don’t see how they are coming off to others.


It’s the same with your website. You may be completely unaware that a few things you’re doing may be boring your visitors half to death. And a visitor who’s bored is a visitor who’s gone.

It doesn’t have to be that way, my friend. One simple secret will help you identify any snooze-inducing issues on your website and quickly eliminate them.

The #1 Secret to Not Being Boring – It’s Not All About You

A key factor in being boring is that a person is too focused on himself when, in fact, he should be focused on others. When you are too self-absorbed, you are thinking only of what you want to say, of what you want to put out there, without considering the person you’re talking to. In doing so, you miss important cues from others as well as the opportunity to engage and interact with them. Someone who feels unacknowledged will quickly find your monologue boring and move onto someone else who shows more interest in them.

It’s the same with your website. You can have the best widget, offer the best quality, and be all-around super impressive, but if your website is boring, you’ll never have the opportunity to let people know. And what makes your website boring? When it’s too focused on you and all your awesomeness.

Believe it or not, people do not want to know how awesome you and your business is. They want to know how you and your awesome business are going to solve their problem. And just how do you do that?

You do that by making sure your website is not a running monologue that’s all about you. Your website needs to be focused just as much on others. It needs to be accessible, attractive, engaging, informative, and interactive. Always try to look at your website from your clients’ perspective and you will quickly begin to see the following snooze-traps to avoid.

Wall of Words, aka TL;DR

Overwhelming your visitors with paragraph after paragraph of words is a huge mistake, no matter how important the information. Pare down all those words into manageable chunks by editing ruthlessly. It’s not necessary to blather on and on – no one wants to wade through your business’s version of War & Peace. Keep the information relevant and concise on your website and offer more detail, if necessary, with downloadable PDFs or separate sections of your website.

The Extended Business Card

Just as boring as the wall of words is when your website offers little more information than your average business card, with even less personality.

No matter what your business is, there is much more to say about it than simply where you’re located and what you do. Websites today must do much more than letting people know you exist.

Incorporate some life into a lackluster site by including information beyond just the pertinent facts about your business. Share a bit of yourself or your staff with a lively About page. Offer hints and tips that will be of interest to your customers. Post timely tidbits about your industry. Letting people know there is a person or persons behind the business will not only create interest but will also help instill a level of trust.

Boring Design

As obvious as this may sound, boring designs abound! A good website design will incorporate:

A Splash or Two of Color – Even conservative websites need to make use of color to avoid looking like a newspaper. A good web designer will put complementary colors together that are congruent with your brand.

Nice Looking, Easy to Read Fonts – It is truly amazing how many websites sport fonts that are downright ugly or are difficult to read because of size or font color. A website should be easy to read. Duh.

Visual Interest – Remember that information can be presented using more than just words. Make use of photos and videos to help convey a point. Have some material that’s relevant but a little dry or tedious? Punch it up with a colorful infographic to share it in a more eye-pleasing way.

Stuffy Writing Style

Have you ever read a book from 50 or more years ago? It can be a bit tedious, even if the subject matter has stood the test of time. They really packed those sentences with a lot of words back then, and they were quite formal.

Writing styles change. There is no need to impress everyone with your literary prowess. These days a more conversational style of writing is preferred, as it is easier and faster to read and comprehend, particularly online. Even serious subjects will benefit from a less formal, simpler style that gets the point across in an easy to read fashion.

If writing isn’t your thing, hire a writer to get the words down for you. Your web designer may offer writing services or referrals.

Too Much of Anything

Just like almost everything else in life, moderation is key. Keep an interesting balance to your website by including some things about you and your business, as well as elements that will engage your customers. Invite feedback, share testimonials, include pictures where appropriate. Tone down overt self-promotion in favor of identifying your customers’ problems and offering solutions.

When you make your website less about you and more about your customer, it’s as though you’ve stopped spewing a monologue at someone and instead entered into a lively conversation with them. And that’s never boring.

If you suspect you might be boring visitors with your website, you are invited to consult with Somethumb Web Design & Development on injecting some personality into a new or refreshed website design.

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